Versailles – Aristocrat’s Symphony – HD(1080p)

I absolutely love this band, especially their guitarist, Teru. He is the one in the blue with the grey/blue hair at 3:23 .

I know what you’re thinking. “Who’s that beautiful girl on the guitar?” Well, his name is Hizaki. That’s right, HIS. Every member of this band is male.

Don’t worry, I was shocked the first time I found out too. And if you already knew, then you are awesome~

Anyway, enjoy!

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FT Island – I Hope

I absolutely love this band, especially the singer, Lee Hongki.

He captured my heart when he co-starred as the loveable Jeremy in the Korean Drama “You’re Beautiful”.

Not only is he a wonderful actor but he is also a talented vocalist!

Love you Lee!

-Your Oppa’s Noona

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Psy – Gangnam Style

I truly love this man. He has managed to create a song and video viewed and loved all over the world. Not only is it funny, upbeat, utterly random, but it is so much fun to dance to!

When interviewed he said he never thought that anyone outside of South Korea would see, that he had only made it because the weather was so warm and the economy so bad.

His music video for the song, which was posted on youtube on July 15th, has already managed to get over 68 million views and is currently #1 on the youtube top 100 in countries all over the world.

Peace and love Psy, I hope you make more videos and music this enetertaining!

-Your Oppa’s Noona

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Toma Ikuta Time


Toma Ikuta was born in Hokkaido, Japan, on October 7th 1984.

His debut in television began in 1996, when he participated in child variety shows. However, his big break in Japanese entertainment was in 2007, when he portrayed Schuichi Nakatsu in the Fuji TV comedic drama known as Hana Kimi. This role won him three awards in the Best Supporting Actor category.

His rise to fame brought many opportunities, such as starring in the Shakespearean play The Gentlemen of Verona, as well as roles in other live action dramas (Mao, Hachimitsu to Kuroba, Maijo Saiban, etc)  and a Hana Kimi two hour special.

I have come to love him thanks to his role in Hana Kimi, as the loveable Nakatsu, a boy who begins to questions his sexuality when he falls in love with one of his male classmates, who in reality is a girl cross dressing. (Long story, check it out).

In 2011, Ikuta was featured in an-an magazine, with the title “The Complete Sex Manual” however by simply putting on the cover, I’m 100% certain it was a big seller. If you don’t believe me, check it out.



In 2011 he starred in Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo as Genji, however it has not been released with subtitles yet. His most recent work was the movie version of Bokura ga Ita as Motoharu Yano.


(Top: Ikuta posing while filming Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo;

Bottom: Ikuta posing with co-star Yuriko Yoshitaka for the film Bokura ga Ita)

Can’t wait to see your movies Ikuta!

-Your Oppa’s Noona

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